We at Dedico are quite conscious of the cost. We have the capability of cutting your expenses to a bare minimum without sacrificing the quality of the end product. We can create a high impact Web application and programs at a fraction of your current cost. We offer highly competitive prices with reliability you can count on.

We serve through

  • Database integration and applications
  • Web applications support and maintenance
  • Visual Studio-VB,C#

client - side Coding

  • Server - side Scripting

  • Our Team: At Dedico we have a team of highly experienced and professional programmers which understands that technology is about removing barriers and find new ways to better our lives and work with clients to design and deliver web applications for any line of business by tapping into the wireless communication which is faster and more reliable which gives the businesses an edge to be a pioneer in their field of activity. We see to it that our services are well-planned, systematically executed and effectively installed.


    • Advertising Companies
    • Manufacturers
    • Wholesalers & Retailers
    • Banks and Financial institutions
    • Construction Companies
    • Travel & Tour operators
    • Hotels and Restaurants
    • Medical Establishments
    • Pharmaceuticals & Each and Every business entity.